About Us


Slithers & Slides is a Western Australia based business that excels in providing interactive,  educational and entertaining reptile displays, as well as removing and relocating venomous snakes from homes and businesses. Based in the inner suburbs of Perth (North of the River) we are conveniently placed to service the Perth metropolitan area. We also offer snake avoidance training for dogs, to keep your pets and our wildlife safe.

All Slithers & Slides staff have been specifically brought on board for their experience, knowledge, and devotion to reptiles. Slithers & Slides founder Marcus Cosentino has been driven by his passion of reptiles to forge a career as a professional herpetologist. Completing his Bachelor of Science (Biological Science) Degree at Edith Cowan University before the age of 21, Marcus continued to study in depth, South-West Carpet Pythons (Morelia spilota imbricata) and the possible use of captive bred specimens in reintroduction programs, resulting in the award of a Post-Graduate Diploma (Biological Science). Marcus is also experienced in training scent detection dogs & behaviour modification and co-founded Canine Snake Avoidance International.

We use our cumulative experiences born from years of working with a wide array of reptiles, both in captivity and in the wild, as a platform to boost public understanding of reptile behaviour and remove some of the mystique that surrounds these animals.