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Need to be confident your dog will stay away from snakes even when you’re not around? Our snake avoidance program was founded on the principal that your dog learns that it is in its own best interest to stay away from all snakes. Through our program, we teach your dog to recognise and avoid both the scent and movement of snakes using safe and scientifically sound methods. We insist on using live snakes (under strict safety conditions) to train dogs in snake avoidance, anything else simply does not work. You can watch as your dog learns and chooses not to engage the snakes.

Snake Avoidance Package

  • 2 Training Sessions

– First session is at your home.

– Second session is at a nominated location to be discussed.

– 30-60 minutes allocated per dog per session.

– Minimum 10 snakes used (Includes 2 venomous snakes).

– Teaches avoidance for both snake movement and snake odour.

– Number of reptiles required for dogs to learn snake avoidance.

– Laws of generalisation used to train dogs to avoid all species of snakes.

– Dog trainer and snake handler present for the safety of all animals involved.

To watch an information video CLICK HERE (Highly Recommended)

$400 per dog (Travel fees may apply).

Snake Avoidance Refresher/Testing

  • 1 Session

– Undertaken at your home orĀ nominated location.

  • Approx. 20 minutes.

$75 per dog (Travel fees may apply).